We are your door to a mundial showcase

Imagine your products in major online sales platforms such as Zalando, Privalia, Westwing ... and above all, how many people you will be able to reach. We help you to be there and grow your brand successfully. We take you to markets with millions of potential consumers.


    He reaches the whole world in the most convenient way!

    We are a company with extensive experience in the field of fashion, home and lifestyle. This is reflected in our large distribution network. We are connected to over 20 online sales platforms worldwide.

    Getting to know each of the parties with whom we work is critical to success. In this regard, we maintain a close relationship with many of our partners or websites. We know perfectly how they work, what systems have, and how they work, which ensures an easy and comfortable sales process.

    Sales Channels
    Do you have goods ready to sell or currently under production in your manufacturing process?

    In The Fashion Services work with two models for sale:

    Flash sales

    Also known as private sales. Where the end customer is looking for discounted prices.

    Sales marketplace

    We work in collaboration with 'The Agent' a highly reputable company in this sector based in Paris.

    Whatever model you choose, you’ll be accessing millions of consumers, achieving the increased visibility and brand positioning internationally that this entails.
    In this process you will never be alone, as our professionals will advise you at all times, listening to you and helping to create the best sales plan to reach buyers that meet our standards.

    How do we work?

    The Fashion Services follows a standardized process, according to the particularities of the sites with which we operate:

    Launch of the offer

    We contact online sales platforms, engaging them until a sufficient ratio of stock is acheived for optimal sales potential.


    Preparation of the stock

    Once the commercial contract is signed and the date of the campaign is confirmed, we will get all the material on the stock (product sheets, pictures, etc. ...) to websites where you are going to be active. A week before the start of the campaign we will in close communication with you on the exact amount of stock final.


    Sales Process

    The time period between when your products are disclosed in the various sales platforms and when the clients receive them at home is about 2 months.


    Billing and Returns

    Payment will be handled directly via the internet. Meanwhile, any potential refunds will be made within 45 to 60 days.

    You have control 100% of payments

    We like to think as a team and get 100% involved in each project. We act as if we were one more (key) member of your sales department. That said, you always retain control. Your company will sign the contract with the online sales platforms and the payments that arrive directly.

    The Fashion Services will receive a commission based solely on the result of the sale. We get paid when you do, which means that we will win only when you win.
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    Payment System Keps Customers Well Informed

    At the closing of the sales campaign, you'll receive a summary of orders and an invoice with the corresponding monetary amount of goods sold.

    The Fashion Services does not provide the payment system; that is handled by our suppliers. Usually it can be done in advance or up to 60 days after delivery.

    Much more
    than online sales

    Brand Recognition

    We not only help you and make it easier for you to sell your products, but we also place your brand in an international market with millions of potential consumers, gaining visibility for your company and products on a large scale.

    Sourcing of Product Design and Manufacturing

    As a partner in the fields of fashion as well as home and lifestyle, we can provide other services to amplify your presence in the market. We specialize in product sourcing, design and manufacturing. In other words, tell us what you want and we can guide you to a quality product fit for you as well as where and how to make it. In addition, we can help with negotiating licenses.

    Communication Service

    Building and maintaining a good brand image is as key to selling as developing and executing a strong communication strategy. We help you align your sales targets via a full service communication suite: branding and corporate identity, creating and managing website and social networks, as well as taking pictures of products in a high quality environment.


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